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More on Pokemon White, Other new features included for this latest pokemon game are the C-gear, Pass By Mode, and the Global Link. The C-gear is used to find a local wireless connection, infrared, and Wi-Fi connections so a gamer can play with another gamer. In other hand, the Pass By Mode will let you know who are currently playing a Pokemon Black and White game around you and automatically connects you with them. It also gives you information about a two gamer who are playing through the use of the C-gear. In-game Pass By Mode also allows you to see the trainer’s details and what’s currently happening in their game. Another feature is the Global Link, which is used to play and send your pokemon files to the global link or internet.

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The pokemon game has now really improved to the fullest. If you are a diehard pokemon and Nintendo DS fan like a lot of people, you will absolutely love this game.  That’s it for the Pokemon Black and White Review.

Also, the Pokemon ‘Shaymin’ has got a different new form called as ‘Sky Forme’ which is a dual form including both Grass and Flying-type. This Pokemon Shaymin is again transformed to its original Land Forme when traded to Platinum or Diamond or Pearl. By using a ‘Gracidea Flower’, it can be reverted back to its Sky Forme from Land Forme and vice-versa DS Roms.
Like the Shaymin Pokemon, Pokemon Rotom has 5 new exclusive forms which are in locked form but can be unlocked by a Secret Key accessible through a Mystery Gift function over the Wi-Fi connection. Also, the Battle Frontier is included again with five more new frontier brains. For playing randomly and interacting with other players, a new Wi-Fi plaza area has also been introduced.  No$GBA Emulator

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