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As Pokemon has already become an international phenomenon after the release of Pokemon Red, Blue and yellow, expectations of people from them have greatly increased. After that, they have released Pokemon Gold and Silver matching up to all the expectations.

Game play - The games are set in a fictional world of Johto region which features 7 cities and 3 towns along with Routes connecting one location to another. Like all its predecessors, the player assumes the role of a young boy whose aim is to become the best trainer in the world which can be achieved by raising his starter Pokemon (which is either Cyndaquil or Totodile or Chikorita), finishing the Pokedox, defeating the 8 Gym leaders for badges and confronting the Elite Four and also the Champion. Also, the player has to fight against a criminal organization throughout the game.

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New features - It retains the basic features introduced in Pokemon Red and Blue like capturing, fighting and growth & evolving with the addition of a lot new features. A time system which keeps track of the current time is introduced. This time, your Pokemon can also hold items which can boost a Pokemon during a battle. A new type of item is berry, which can restore a Pokemon’s health. The game also adds 2 new Pokemon types – Steel-type and the Dark-type. Many new moves and also a concept of move deleter are introduced. A new feature called Pokemon DS Rom breeding is also introduced, by which all Pokemon are assigned to a breeding group. 

The extended gameplay and the new unique features make this sequel really interesting. Pokemon Gold and Silver will surely help the original Pokemon to progress further in this century.

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