Yellow: Special Pikachu Edition GameBoy Rom

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Yellow: Special Pikachu rom

With all the increasing popularity for Pokemon games, this time they have come out with a slightly updated version of the earlier two Red & Blue games, the new Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu edition.

The gameplay and plot of Pokemon Yellow has almost been kept same as in Red and Blue but there are changes in some of the features to make the game more similar to its animated series. Like the original character ‘Ash Ketchum’ in the anime series, players get ‘Pikachu’ as a starter Pokemon. Contrasting to the other Pokemons seen in the game, this ‘Pikachu’ always walks behind the player displaying his current emotions and reacts when the player enters a particular building or room.

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Pokemon Yellow: Special Pikachu Rom

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pokemon yellow rom

When the player talks to ‘Pikachu’ facing him, Pikachu’s face and current mood are shown in a box, ranging from angry to very happy. Also, there are other small gameplay changes like a different available selection of Pokemons to catch. But all the three starter Pokemons of Red and Blue games are available. Moreover, there are special appearances of Jessie, James, and Meowth, the anime characters.

This has been the best version so far of all the addictive Pokemon games. The game is very easy to play, yet challenging. The new additional feature of different Pikachu’s moods raises the cuteness of the game to a very high level. The game also features new battle modes and also includes a Pikachu’s Beach secret game. Due to all its new features, it is one of the top Game Boy games ever released.

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